1. WBF Web Site
a.-  World Baseball Foundation will maintain and update the Official Tournament Web-site. The Web Site contains:
  1. Tournament information and articles.
  2. Rules and Regulations.
  3. Official Schedules.
  4. Weather Updates.
  5. Make-up dates.
  6. Field locations and directions.
  7. Team information and position.
2. Rosters
a.-  All Players MUST be listed on the Official Team Roster and be APPROVED by the WBF. Players Must have their Birth Documentation and Parental Participation Authorizations on file with the WBF.
b.-  The maximum number of players allowed on a Roster is eighteen (18), except in the 16U & 18U Divisions were the maximum number is twenty (20).
c.-  All Players from International Teams must wear the WBF Player Identification bracelet in order to be eligible to participate in a game.
d.-  The player's age as of April 30th of the current year is his tournament competition age.
3. Coaches/Playes/Fans/Spectators
a.-  Coaches must be listed on the Coaches Registration Form. Maximum of three (3) coaches, including the manager are allowed in the dugouts or on the field. Except in the 6U, 7U and 8U Coach Pitch Division where a fourth (4th) coach is allowed.
b.-  Coach or player that is ejected from a game will be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game.
c.-  Fighting/physical altercation - Any adult who gets in a physical altercation on or off the field, before, during or after a game, will be suspended from the tournament. If the WBF deems the incident involved more than one individual, severe penalties shall be invoked up to and including the removal of the Team from the tournament without refund or recourse.
d.-  Only the Manager may discuss any play or rule with the umpires. If a coach argues with an umpire / he/she will be automatically ejected from the game. Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere in the Baseball Complex
e.-  Alcohol or illegal substances are NOT allowed anywhere in the park (including the parking lots).
f.-  Coaches, please make sure you clean out your dugout at the end of the game.
g.-  Air horns, bells or any other artificial noise makers are prohibited.
4. Scheduling
a.-  Seeding Games - All Games are scheduled - We will not change any games.
Each Team will play four (4) Seeding Games (Weather Permitting)
If inclement weather prevents us from playing all Seeding Games we reserve the right to proceed to the Play-Off Single Elimination Championship Round. If teams do not complete the same number of elimination round games we will seed teams utilizing the same number of games played by al teams. Example: If some teams played three (3) elimination round games and others played four (4), we will only use the results of first three (3) games played for the purpose of seeding the teams into the Championship Round.
In the event of inclement weather, Time Limits and/or Inning Rules may be adjusted in order to complete the tournament.
b.-  Play-Offs Championship Round.
All Teams will be Seeded in their respective divisions, and we will play a single elimination play-off format.
Winning percentage will be used if all teams are not able to complete their full schedule of Seeding Game.
Ties are considered 1/2 win and 1/2 loss for calculating winning percentage and final records.
c.-  Seeding is determined by each team's win / loss record within their pool/group.
Teams with identical win / loss records within their pool/group will be seeded following the below listed tie-breaker system:
  1. First: Winner of head-to-head competition is higher seed. If all teams with the same record did not face each other then you go to 2) below.
  2. Second: Run differential (Maximum of 7 runs per game).
  3. Third: Team with the least number of runs allowed is higher seed.
  4. Fourth: Team with the most number of runs scored is the higher seed.
  5. Fifth: If teams are still tied, then a coin toss will determine the higher seed.
5. Time Limits
Seeding & Elimination Games
6U/7U/8U Coach Pitch Divisions   1 Hour and 30 Minutes / 1:30
8U Division   1 Hour and 40 Minutes / 1:40
9U/10U/11U/12U Divisions   1 Hour and 45 Minutes / 1:45
13U/14U Divisions   1 Hour and 50 Minutes / 1:50
16U/18U Divisions   2 Hours / 2:00
b.-  Championship Game will not have a time limit.
6. Forfeits
a.-  Teams MUST have eight (8) players present and in the line-up to start a game. If a player is injured, fall ill or is ejected you may finish the game with eight (8) players. Game that starts with 9 players, becomes 8 players, the batting position of the player not playing is an automatic out.  This will be the case (automatic out) for team that starts the game with ten(10) (with the extra hitter) or more players and then finishes the game with nine(9) or more players (In this case you just skip the batting order position of the missing player).
b.-  Any team that loses two (2) games by forfeit may be withdrawn from the tournament without claim or refund.
c.-  If a Team cannot play as scheduled the Game will be forfeited.
7. Protests
a.-  All protests must be made to the umpire-in-chief before the next play or attempted play after the alleged infraction occurred, not after the game has been completed. A protest requires a $100 Protest Fee (Cash Only). If the protest is upheld the fee will be refunded immediately. If the protest is denied the fee is forfeited. Challenging the age of a player is considered a Protest, and requires the $100 Protest Fee for each player being challenged. A protest may not be made on judgment calls by the umpires.
8. Uniforms
a.-  Players Must be in uniform. It is recommended that players uniforms match. However, player uniforms Must have numbers.
b.-  Coaches Must wear the team jersey and caps, or identical team coaches shirts/jacket.
c.-  Coaches Must wear either traditional baseball pants, coaches pants, or coaches shorts. Blue jeans, street clothes are Not allowed.
9. Game Sheets
a.-  Game Sheets will be used for all games.
b.-  Coaches MUST list all players on the Game Sheet line-up (starters and substitutes), Note: If a players arrives late to a game he May be added to the Game Sheet (Provided that he is on the Team Roster and authorized to play).
c.-  Players full name (first and last), uniform number, and playing position Must be listed.
10. Home Team and Dugouts
a.-  In Seeding games the Home Team is determined by a Coin Flip
b.-  In the Play-Off Round the higher Seeded Team is the Home Team.
c.-  Teams must clean their dugouts after the game and leave the dugout immediately after the game to make room for the next team.
d.-  The Home Team dugout is the 3rd base dugout.
11. Umpires
a.-  The WBF will schedule, assign and pay for all umpires.
b.-  We shall use umpires and/or Umpire Associations that are familiar with the WBF rules.
12. Official Playing Rules
a.-  All Divisions will play under the Official Rules of Major League Baseball. The Only exceptions are those listed in this REGULATIONS section.
13. Regulation and Official Game
a.-  A Regulation game is 6 innings in the 6U/7U/8U Coach Pitch, 8U/9U/10U, and 11U/12U Divisions.
b.-  A Regulation game is 7 innings in the 13U/14U, 16U and 18U Divisions.
c.-  A game is Official if it is suspended for any reason after 2 1/2 or 3 innings in the 6U/7U/8U Coach pitch, 8U/9U/10U, and 11U/12U Divisions.
d.-  A game is Official if it is suspended for any reason after 3 1/2 or 4 innings in the 13U/14U, 16U, and 18U Divisions.
e.-  If a game is suspended for any reason before becoming an Official game, it shall be continued from the point of curtailment as a make-up suspended game.
f.-  When a regulation game is tied, extra innings shall be played until a winner is declared or the time limit has expired. In Seeding games if the game is tied after the time limit expires it will be recorded as a tie game (1/2 win and 1/2 loss for each team).
g.-  In the Play-Off Championship Round if a regulation game is tied we will use the California Tie Breaker until a winner is declared. In the California Tie Breaker each team will place the last batter scheduled to hit in that 1/2 of the inning at 2nd base to start the inning and you will play on from there, until a winner is declared.
h.-  Once a game is official, if the park alarm goes off, due to thunder and or rain, and is not reset after 1 (one) hour, the game will become official.
14. Base and Pitching Distances
   Age   Bases   Pitchin     Age   Bases   Pitchin 
  6U 60' 38'   12U 70' 48'
  8U 60' 38'   13U 80' 54'
  9U 65' 44'   14U 80' 54'
  10U 65' 44'   16U 90' 60'6"
  11U 70' 48'   18U 90' 60'6"
15. Baseballs
a.-  All baseballs necessary for playing tournament games will be provided by WBF.
b.-  Each team MUST retrieve foul balls and are responsible for the fouls on their side of the field.
16. Protective Gear
a.-  Players must wear a double earflap helmet when batting, on deck, on base, and at all times while out of the dugout. All catchers are required to wear a mask with throat protection and protective cups. All players must wear protective cups.
17. Run Rule
a.-  All games will be played with a run rule of 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, and 8 runs after 5 innings.
18. Pitching Rules
a.-  There are No pitching limitations except those listed below.
b.-  Eight warm-ups to start, five thereafter.
c.-  If a pitcher is changed to a defensive position or removed from the line-up and then re-enters the game he/she may not pitch again in that game.
d.-  Coach is allowed to make one (1) visit to the same pitcher per inning. On the second visit to the same pitcher in the same inning, the pitcher Must be removed from the mound.
19. Baseball Bats
a.-  There are no bat restrictions for ages 6U thru 13U. The 14U Division will use either a Drop -3 or Drop -5 or BBCOR stamped Bats.  For 16U - 18U divisions NO Aluminum bats, only wood bats are allowed (maple and ash wood bats only).
b.-  Bats may not have any attachments or alterations.
20. Metal Cleats
a.-  Are ONLY permitted in the 11U/12U, 13U/14U, 16U and 18U Divisions.
21. Line-Ups - Extra Hitters (EH) and Designated Hitter (DH)
a.-  The Extra Hitter (EH) and Major League Designated Hitter (DH) can be used in all Divisions except the 6U/7U Coach Pitch Division.
b.-  The EH and DH Must be designated in the line-up (Game Sheet) prior to the start of the game.
c.-  The DH will be governed by the Official Major League Baseball Rules.
d.-  The EH may enter the game on defense, and the player leaving the field becomes the EH. You may change the EH every inning and have a different player as the EH.
e.-  In All Divisions ( 8U through 18U ) Teams have the option of hitting their entire line-up/roster.  All players listed on the roster and present at the game may hit. This allows for free Defensive substitutions. Please remember that if a pitcher is changed, he may not pitch again in the same game.
22. Re-Entry Rule
a.-  The Re-Entry Rule may be used.
b.-  This is only for the starting players and they Must re-enter into the game in the same position in the line-up (batting order). The player re-entering the game may play a different defensive position. Note: Substitutes players may NOT re-enter the game once they are removed from the line-up.
c.-  In a situation in which a team does not have an eligible substitute for a player that becomes ill, injured or ejected from the game, the last player removed from the line-up may re-enter the game without penalty.
23. Intentional Base-On-Balls
a.-  A batter may be intentionally walked without pitching to him.
24. Slide Rule
a.-  Mandatory - Players advancing to second base or any other base with the intent to break up a double play Must slide directly into the bag. If a runner goes in standing up and a play is being made on him, and he makes contact with the defensive player, he will be declared out.
b.-  All calls regarding rough play, sliding etc., shall be judgement calls of the umpires.
c.-  Penalty: Runner is out and the ball is dead. All runners Must return to the last base they legally had advanced to prior to the infraction. While a head first slide should be discouraged it is not against the rules. However, a runner may not slide head first into Home Plate (He will be declared out and the ball is dead).
d.-  Clarification on plays at the plate: If the catcher goes up the line (away from the plate) to field a throw, and in the umpires judgment the runner is too far from home to slide the Must slide rule is NOT in effect. This however, does not allow the runner to barrel into the catcher. This is an umpire's judgment call.
25. Squeeze Play, Bunting with Runner on 3rd Base
a.-  The steal of home, squeeze play, bunting or fake Bunt (Butcher boy) with a runner on third (3rd) base is not permitted in the 8U Kid Pitch thru 12U divisions.  The Butcher Boy (faking the but and then swinging at the pitch) is NOT allowed in any Division. Runners may score on pass balls, wild pitches and on the catchers throw (Except in the 8U Kid Pitch Division).  The first time it happens in a game, the play is null and void unless the defense elects to take the result of the play, and the manager is warned.  The next time it happens in the game, the runner is out, and the manager is ejected from the game.
26. 6U/7U/8U Coach Pitch Division
a.-  Ten (10) players may play on defense, with four (4) outfielders. 6U Division plays with eleven (11) on defense, and five (5)  outfielders. If a team has only nine (9) players the other team will still play with ten (10) - eleven (11) in 6U - players on defense. Note: Outfielders Must be stationed in the outfield grass or a minimum of 30 feet beyond the base paths on larger fields.
b.-  All players bat in the batting order. There shall be free defensive substitutions. If a team has more players than the other, the coach may elect to bat the same number of players. The remaining players shall be treated as regular substitutes. Only those players in the batting order may be substituted for freely on defense.
c.-  There is a 20 feet radius in front of home plate, which is the dead ball area. All batted balls Must travel beyond this line to be fair.
d.-  Once the ball is thrown into the pitcher's circle area or when an infielder holds the ball while in the infield and in Fair Territory (the infielder may not ask for time out while standing in the outfield grass area) and asks for " time Out", all runners Must return to the nearest base. A chalk line will be used between the bases to aid the umpire in determining if a player advances / returns to a base once the ball is dead. If a runner is more than half way to the next base, he may continue to that base. If he is not, he Must return to the previous base. Note: When the last batter of an inning hits, a play Must be made on the hitter or a base runner prior to time out being called.
e.-  A batter shall receive a maximum of five (5) pitches. If the batter fouls off the 5th pitch they will be entitled to only one more pitch. Three (3) strikes and the batter is out (Except 6U Division - where batter gets five (5) Pitches).

In the 7U and 8U Divisions the inning is over once a team gets three (3) outs or the team hits around the batting order. This is for all innings played. If a team has less players than the other team, the inning is over once the same number of players as the team with the least number of players (with a minimum of 10 hitter) hits. You then will start the next inning from where you left off in the bating order.

In the 6U Division the inning is over once the team hits their entire line-up. After thee (3) outs the bases are cleared and the inning continues until the last batters hits. If a team has less players than the other team, the inning is over once the same number of players as the team with the least number of players (with a minimum of 11 hitter) hits. You then will start the next inning from where you left off in the bating order.

g.-  All pitches Must be made overhand. The Picher must have one foot within the pitchers circle
h.-  Coach Pitch - Last Batter Rule:
The following is an approved ruling for clarification of the dead ball and runners advancing in the situation of a play by the last batter of an inning in the 6U, 7U and 8U divisions:
-When a ball is hit into the outfield the regular rules apply.  The play may only be stopped when the ball is dead either by an infielder in the infield with the ball calling time or when the ball is thrown and in the pitchers circle.  If a fly ball is caught with no outs or one out, runners can tag and advance until time is properly called.
-When a ball is hit in the infield a play MUST be made on the hitter or a runner prior to time being called.
27. 8U Kid Pitch
a.-  In the 8U Kid Pitch Division runner may not lead off the base. They may not leave the base until the ball is hit or crosses the plate. PENALTY: One warning per inning; Defense has the option of taking the result of the play or the play is void and team receives one (1) warning per inning. No play No Pitch. Second or more infraction in an inning: Defense has the option of taking the result of the play or the lead runner is out and No play, No pitch.

The steal of home, squeeze play, bunting, Butcher boy or attempted/fake bunt with a runner on 3rd base is not permitted. Runner from 3rd base may only score on  a batted ball (or continuation play from a batted ball), or when forced by way of a hit batter or base on balls. EXAMPLE: Runner on second steals third base and the catchers throw goes into the outfield, the runner MUST STOP a third base.  However, on  batted ball the runner from first bases tries for third base and the throw gets away from the third baseman, the runner may try to advance to home as this is a continuation play on a batted ball.

Runners on first or second base may advance on a batted ball, when forced by hit batter, base on balls, or on a wild pitch, pass ball, or catcher's throw attempt to retire a runner. The runner may not advance on the catcher's throw to the pitcher (even if he throws the ball away.

Runner's may not advance once the ball is thrown to the pitcher from an infielder. This includes errant throws to the pitcher. if a runner has already committed to advance to the next base prior to the throw, he may do so at his own risk.
d.-  The batter is automatically out on a dropped 3rd strike. Runner's may advance at their own risk.
e.-  No Infield Fly Rule
f.-  No Balks - The Offense may elect to take the result of the play.
g.-  8U Division will play with four (4) Outfielders. You have the option of hitting your entire roster/line-up.

In the 9U/10U Divisions a pitcher will receive one (1) warning prior to a balk being called.
- Any play resulting from a warning situation, the offensive team has the option of taking the result of the play.  Otherwise the ball is dead and no play may result that benefits the defensive team.

29. Speed up Rule - Runner for the Catcher

A runner for the catcher must be used with two(2) outs. The runner shall be the last out. If the last out is the pitcher, then the first out of the inning shall run. You may Only use this rule with two(2) outs, and it is mandatory.

Note: There it not courtesy runner for the pitcher.

* Teams can only add players if they have been previously accepted by World Baseball Foundation.
* Those players being added cannot be part of the roster of any other team participating at the tournament. Also, the total amount of players must remain the same (number of players being added = number of players out of the team's roster.
* All calls regarding rough play, etc., shall be judgment calls of the umpires.